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28 December 2018

SCMP - Central-Wan Chai Bypass isn’t just vital infrastructure – it offers overcrowded Hong Kong a way out

Ian Brownlee says the Central-Wan Chai Bypass can relieve traffic at the centre of Hong Kong, creating new opportunities to make the city more livable and enjoyable.

The controversial Central-Wan Chai Bypass is set to open soon – after nine years and HK$36 billion, we are finally getting the “missing link” in east-west traffic movement along the north shore of Hong Kong Island. This is not just a major highway connection. It also creates enormous opportunities to transform traffic priorities and rethink how best to use our limited road surfaces in a packed part of the city.

Des Voeux Road Central is the main street through the central business district and it is crowded, heavily polluted and a very unfriendly environment. Over the past 18 years, proposals to convert this road into something matching the “Asia’s world city” brand have been rejected by the government because they would adversely affect vehicular traffic. The need to prioritise areas like this for pedestrians is becoming widely accepted in the community.

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