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23 March 2018

SCMP - Car free zone plan runs into barriers

 Markus Shaw, chairman of Walk DVRC Ltd introduced our latest project, the Sheung Wan Fiesta, to the Foreign Correspondents' Club yesterday. The Fiesta proposes to close a two-block section of DVRC to vehicular traffic. The new pedestrian space will feature cultural and heritage at its heart through food and performance while promoting traders and historical sights in the area. It plans to run from September to November this year for a total of 90 days. The main traffic in the Central area would be diverted, trams would be kept running and one lane of traffic would kept open to ensure disruption to traders could be kept to a minimum. The Fiesta raised a lot attention from variety of stakeholders, from local communities / shop owners to district councilors. However, we want to work together with our stakeholders to come up with the best solution. As Markus said, "The district councillors and shopkeepers won't know if the scheme benefits them unless we trial it."